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How the Automotive Car Door Locks Work

The processes involved in ensuring the safety and security of your vehicle can include some other measures aside from automotive door locks that are usually installed in your car. However, numerous drivers and car owners are not concerned about the workings of the car. All they are concerned with is only the lock and unlocks.

Being aware of how the automotive car door locks will help you determine the necessary steps to take should the need arises, or should there be a need for additional safety measures. Here, we’ll be a taking a brief look at how the automotive door locks of your car works:

Step 1- Interior

Many vehicle owners are only aware of door lock situated inside the car, which could be operated either by hand or automatically with a remote controller. This latch, otherwise called lever is the visible portion that links to the actuator. The actuator is usually responsible for controlling the door locks.

Additionally, there is another level that is automatically linked to the entire lock/unlock system. This makes it possible to open the door once the door is unlocked either manually or electronically.

Step 2- Connection

Below the surface in which the car door locks are housed, there are a lot of processes going on. Whether the car is locked or not, the visible latch or lever goes up and down. This latch is usually attached to a metal rod that automatically links to the body of the lock mechanism.

Whenever the lock is operated automatically, you’ll find other additional components present there as part of the locking mechanism. This could either be an electronic sensor or magnet that comes with a reversible switch. Whenever the door ceases to open with a remote, you should know that the cause of this is a defection in either the electronic sensor or the magnet.

Step 3- Operation

Whenever you unlock the door of the car either by using the key or with the remote control, the visible latch will be suspended in the up position allowing the door locks to release the mechanism of the door opening. This transcends to making the door opened and closed as necessary. Whenever the door is closed, the latch will be depressed, and the mechanism will be connected in such a way that the door won’t open unless with the key or remote controller.

So, now that you understand the automative car lock doors, it’s time to see if you need one. Get in touch with us today to talk to our expert locksmiths about the same and get your requirements fulfilled!

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