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St. Louis, MO is A Foodie’s Paradise

The city’s restaurants will blow you away

Often times, when travelling, many will keep cuisine options in mind. While tons of city’s have great activities, rarely do they have great activities and world-class restaurants to enjoy as well. When you go to St Louis, however, you’ll find no shortage of museums, bars, stadiums, and more, and no shortage of great food to pair your fun days with. Whether you’re looking for pizza or something else, the city will accommodate you. Some of the city’s most popular eateries for travelers include:

  • IMO’s Pizza

  • The Peacock Diner

St. Louis is renowned for its variety of original restaurants. You may have been to other nice music venues or wonderful concert halls, but rarely have you had food quite as food as the city has to offer, and it’s no wonder why so many travel here every year, and why even more call it their home. Further facts about City of St. Louis, MO can be found here.

IMO’s Pizza

While IMO’s is a fairly divisive pizza chain, it is St. Louis’s original style of pizza. On a thin crust cut into squares with a special provel-cheese mixture, IMO’s is a local favorite amongst residents, and a cultural attack on most tourists. However, many admit that the pizza lives up to its reputation. Click here to read about Why You Should Visit St. Louis, MO.


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