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Top Attractions in St. Louis, Missouri for First Time Visitors

Traveling To St. Louis? Check Out These Spots!

If you are traveling to St. Louis for the very first time, you want to be sure to visit the most iconic attractions. In the city, there are several high points that are not to be missed including the eye-catching Gateway Arch and the City Museum. Make a list of popular attractions you want to visit and start exploring! More can be found here.

The Gateway Arch

When most anyone thinks of St. Louis, the Gateway Arch comes to mind. The beautiful grounds offer a fun place to explore, including the Citygardens Sculpture Park and the Sierra Sculpture Park. All ages are sure to enjoy this amazing wonder in the heart of the city. See also about Explore the Outdoors in St. Louis, Missouri.

City Museum

Adults and children alike enjoy the City Museum, a place ready for play and exploration. There is much to see and do as you move through the museum. Plan to spend a good deal of time here as you will want to explore the caves, aquarium, the slides, circus, indoor skate park and so much more.

Make a day of it and explore these two unique attractions that are a must-see in beautiful St. Louis. Whether you are traveling for a weekend or vacation, these spots should be added to your list of things to do!


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