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Why You Should Visit St. Louis, MO

The gateway to the Midwest has a lot to offer

St Louis is home to tons of businesses, sporting teams, restaurants, and more. It’s also home to tons of residents who love the city’s endless activities and things to see. There are lots of outdoor activities here, and there are far more indoor activities. You can visit world class museums, eateries, and more and never run out of places to go. The area also has great farmland and some of the best places to visit for these include:

  • Grant’s Farm

  • Purina Farm

When people think of St Louis, they rarely think of its farmland. However, Grant’s farm and Purina Farm alike have grown into a local favorite for field trips and locally curated foods, and many residents love to visit it a few times a year. Visit this link for more information.

Grant’s Farm

Grant’s farm is most popular for children, but no one has a bad time here. You can ride a small train around the farm, pet tons of different farm animals, and enjoy some naturally and locally grown food that tastes great and is not over priced. See here for information about Where to Grab A Drink in St Louis, MO.


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