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At Locksmith 4 u -A st Louis Locksmith Service, we hold ourselves to the highest standards with the services we offer. Our workforce is highly trained and qualified to meet all your needs,With over 100 years of combined experience we are dedicated to offering diverse and specialized services tailored to our client’s unique preferences. Check out some of the services we offer below.

Automotive locksmith - Imagine a scenario where you are exhausted from work or from running many errands, and you are walking to your car to relax and begin your journey home. When you check your pockets or purse, you cannot trace your car keys. You panic, not knowing whether you locked them inside the car or misplaced them and you can’t determine where. What do you do in such a case? Do you break the car? Or maybe call up a friend or family member whom you gave a spare key? You do this with the hope that they can make their way to where you are and help you out.

The simplest solution is to call an automotive St. Louis locksmith. They are skillful in picking the locks quickly and safely without causing any damage to the vehicle. He/she is also trained on how best to go about unlocking your vehicle so there will be no need to break a window or a door. It is always recommended to have an automotive locksmith on speed dial in case of any emergencies and also to have several spare keys which they can help you acquire.

Commercial Locksmith - If you ever misplace your office keys or the keys to a commercial vehicle, do not be alarmed. Simply get in touch with a local St. Louis commercial locksmith. They will proceed to:
Grant you access to your office or the building
A qualified commercial locksmith will work quickly and efficiently to make certain that you and your colleagues can get into the building so that business hours are not lost.

Key cutting
The locksmith can also assist in getting multiple keys cut to make certain that you have spare keys and avoid a repeat scenario of being locked out of your place of business.

Door Lock repair
If by any chance the door lock was damaged, the locksmith is equipped to repair this and any other door locks that may need fixing.

The locksmith can also change locks so that it can be accessed with new keys and this is essential if you feel that the current locks are not secure for the business.

Lock installation.
If you need new locks for your business, the commercial locksmith can best assist in acquiring and installing this. He/she can also aid in putting in fire or panic door exit devices and manual or automatic door closing devices if you may be in need of them.

Residential Locksmith

Even if you are very organized and responsible, it is possible to lose or displace your house key. When you find that you cannot trace where your keys are, there is no need to be scared or dismayed. Instead, you can get in touch with a locksmith for home emergencies, which will help with your setback.The locksmith will proceed to unlock your door as fast and efficiently as they can so that you can get into your house. They can also assist in lock change, rekey locks, do lock repairs for damaged ones, broken key removal, and key cutting. If you have a safe in your home, they can install secure locks. They are also equipped to install locks on new doors and repair window locks if they are broken.

In conclusion, always ensure that you have the contact of a locksmith company, have as many spare keys as you can and that they can easy be accessed and to have a safe place to keep your keys when you are moving about and going about you business.Get in partnership with a locksmith company that have specialized in automotive, residential or commercial locksmith services and have qualified and trained personnel who are capable of handling any issues pertaining to doors, keys and locks.

Car Keys

Car Keys/Remotes/Fobs

Get the results you deserve with our quality locksmith service, and at an competitive prices, Our qualified team of  local locksmiths bring with them over 100 years of combined experience and know-how  to every job. But what really sets our services apart from the rest of the locksmiths in st Louis is our attention to evrey detail and how quickly we arrive and work.

We can cut and program 98% of the cars out there that other locksmiths cant, that dealers cant, in fact the dealer calls us all the time to program problematic car keys.


(314) 207-3993
Laptop and Notebook

Key/Fob Programming

Get your key, fob key, or remote programmed quickly and efficiently by the locksmith experts here at Locksmith 4 u - a quality st Louis Locksmith Service. We understand how important it is to feel confident and worry free when it comes to locksmith services. Our dedicated team invests the time and energy that is necessary to be well prepared for almost  any requests or special concerns. 

If you have your own key or remote we can program it for you! no problem. 


(314) 207-3993
locked out.jpg

Lockout Of Anything

We unlock anything and everything! need your car unlocked - 3 minutes is the time it takes us. 
Need back into your house - no problem. 
Safe lockout, easy. give us a call we will help you out.

(314) 207-3993
Unlocking the Door

Lock Change/Rekey

Recently break up with a partner? did someone steal your bag?  or did you just forget them at the bar last night and now who knows where they are?

Are you interested in working with a the best Locksmith Service in st louis? We supply all the equipment and skills that is needed to tackle almost every type of job our out there, no matter how big or small it may be.

We’re committed to providing reliable service again and again in a timely and professional manner.

Lost you house key? need to make sure some one cant get in? Give us a call we will do this for you!


(314) 207-3993

Key Cutting

Get your key cut quickly by the expert locksmith techs here at Locksmith 4 u - A st Louis Locksmith Service. We understand how important it is to feel worry free when it comes to the safety and security that comes with cutting a key . 

We can cut almost any key, we do high security keys right from the back of the van , easily and we use the best locksmith tools to get it done. 


(314) 207-3993
Key in the Lock

Door Lock Repair

Most locks stop working after 3-5 years, the old ones can last for hundreds of years sometimes and those are the locks that are worth fixing.

its not always worth fixing a lock sometimes its cheaper to just replace it. ​

Its impossible to price an issue like this without being on site, most cases its better to replace the lock, but we can most likely fix the issue and save a few bucks.  



Padlock Removal

There are so many types of pad locks, they are built to make sure people cant cut them or pick it open, but do not worry we have many tricks to unlock them. 

Just give us a call and we will be there with in 20 minutes and our locksmith tech will surely have the know how to open up the lock.


(314) 207-3993
Combination Lock

Combination locks

At Locksmith 4 u - st Louis Locksmith Service. We just love the fancy combination locks or the smart locks which you can control from your phone! 

Let anyone in from anywhere in the world then revoke there entrance at any time or place. 

Forgot to lock your door? no problem just open the app and lock it from your way to work! 

There are many types of combination locks and smart locks, we can most likely install and program all of them, it is very rare that we find one we cant deal with. 


(314) 207-3993
Antique Safe

Safe Install/Lockout

Our locksmiths love working on safe lockouts, it is one of the most challenging yet satisfying jobs a locksmith service can provide a tech

This is a really hard one to price, there are so many types of safes some are in the wall some are just a box you take around while other can be carefully hidden in your existing furniture, give us a call we can discuss this into more detail 


(314) 207-3993

We would love to hear from you. Contact us today for more details about the services we offer.

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