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3 Tips for Preventing Automotive Theft in St. Loius

As reported by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, the number of vehicles stolen in 2017 was up to about 773,000. While we can boldly say that auto theft has decreased in our society over the last few decades, one vehicle is still being stolen every 40.9 seconds in the United States of America.

Thefts have gotten increasingly savvy. With the use of smart keys as well as switching of vehicle identification numbers, we could boldly say that the advancement in technology has contributed significantly to so many car thefts cases.

So, how do you get yourself protected from this menace? What are the steps to take in order not to fall victims of car theft? You need to be extra vigilant when it comes to protecting your car in St. Louis.

Take preventive measures and keep your car safe. Here are a few things to do in order to protect your car from theft in St. Louis.

1. Lock Your Door

The first step when it comes to deterring a thief is to keep your car doors locked. You really need to make it a habit to check your car doors constantly.

2. Park Intelligently

Parking your cars in a place that is illuminated with bright light will help deter criminals. However, if you park your car in a location that’s not far from entrances of a building or near parking lot security cameras, you tend to enjoy an additional layer of protection. Garages are often places that are considerable enough to accommodate parking of cars so it won’t be subjected to any form of damage.

Otherwise, if you park in an isolated garage, you could compromise the personal safety of your vehicle. Ensure that you park in a place close to an attendant or a security camera in order to step the safety of your car.

3. Do Not Leave Your Car Running

Let’s face the fact. Nearly half of cases of auto theft could have been easily maneuvered if you had taken adequate precautions as the vehicle owner. One of such is to turn off your car when not in use.

Many will start their cars on a wintry morning and then proceed back into our homes to top out coffee or attend to other things. Maybe you do not know, but ,ore than a third of all cases of auto theft occur in locations closer to the residence of the vehicle owner. You do not only subject your car to theft by leaving your car running, but it is also illegal according to the law of some states. If you aren’t going to stay behind the wheels, it is advisable that you turn off your vehicle.

As you see, getting your car stolen is not that rare in St. Louis. But with a few protective measure, you can be protected. If you’re looking for more information about this or want to talk an expert locksmith in St. Louis, please call us today on (314) 207-3993!

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