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What To Do When You're Locked Out

Getting yourself locked out of your home unknowingly is probably one of the most frustrating situations out there. It’s highly disappointing and often occurs at your inconvenient time. As you stand out alone in front of your door, you definitely begin to ponder on your next line of action.

Luckily, there are endless options! Check out a few of the things to do whenever you get yourself locked out of your house.

Contact a Friend

Usually, people tend to release their spare keys to trusted friends and associates or even a family member. This is helpful in situations where you have your keys, thus getting yourself locked out. You could just pick up your phone and get through to that friend whom you have given your spare keys.

If you reside in a condominium or rental home, you could contact the landlord and ask him/her to let you in. While you might be skeptical of handing out your spare key to a friend, family, or associates, it could prove out helpful in such situations.

Try a Window or Door

Whenever you discover that you have locked yourself out of your home, one of the possible ways out is to take a walk around your home. Look for any door or window that you could quickly let yourself in through.

If you eventually find a window or door that is opened, ensure that you take extra care as you climb through. This will prevent you from hitting your head or fall. While it is not advisable to leave your backdoors or windows unlocked, it could also be a helpful entry point in situations where you are locked out of your home.

Head on Over to the Neighbors

Neighbors aren’t only great when it comes to borrowing a cup of sugar. Since it is possible to open a locked door with a coat hanger, shoestring, screwdriver, or even a rod, you should find at least one of these common household items with your neighbor. If you use any of these items, you should be extra careful so as not to scratch the interior or exterior part of your door.

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