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4 Easy Steps To Maintain Your Door Locks

Maintaining the door locks is quite crucial if you want the door locks to be working for a long span of time. You should involve maintaining the door locks in your usual monthly maintenance routine. If you maintain your locks, they will function properly for a long period of time. Plus, you won’t have to pay a huge amount of money for the repairs as well. When we talk some technical terms, grime and dirt might certainly get into a door lock usually. If you don’t maintain your door locks, they will get really hard for you to operate and will eventually break in some time.

1. Lubricating The Locks

We advise you to buy Lockease or TDL Blaster Dry Lube from any locksmith shop or any home maintenance store. Don’t ever use power graphite as it will certainly clog the lock like sand.

2. Put In Tube Stem We would advise you to put the stem inside the lock cylinder and spray it. It might get a lot dirty. So, to avoid all of the dirt, we advise you to have paper towels in hand.

3. Flush The Lock

Keep on spraying until you see all of the dirt and debris coming out of the lock.

4. Latches & Bolts

You should work on spraying the latch or the bolt on the door's side. These are known to be the mechanism that plays a major role in locking the door, and you should look forward to maintaining them as well.


Maintaining your door lock should be a regular part of your regular maintenance routine. And if you want the professionals to do it for you, you can contact us anytime by visiting our website. All you need to do is contact us, and we will be at your service in no time. We provide world-class locksmith services in St Louis and are ready as soon you call us!

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