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5 Tips for Home Invasion Prevention and Response

What is a home invasion?

Often people get confused with the term home invasion and home break-in or a burglary. Home invasion takes place very often and is not associated with regular burglaries. There have been numerous cases when home invasions have turned violent. Home invasion essentially means a forceful entry to an occupied, with an intension to commit a crime such as robbery, assault, rape, murder or sometimes kidnapping. Some of the techniques that is used to make a home invasion a success would be kicking off the door, breaking the door locks or windows being smashed in. The intention behind most home invasions is to harm the occupant through physical or sexual assault.

Dangers faced during a home invasion:

Home invasion causes no less serious dangers as of like home break in or burglaries. One must be cautious about the dangers and should take an active and instant step to prevent themselves from being a victim of home invasion. Home invasion can cause certain dangers which includes loss to the property to the owner and can also hurt the owner physically.

How can a home invasion be prevented?

Following are the points:

Make Your Home Impassable

The simplest and preventive way to prevent a home invasion is to make your home impenetrable, i.e. not giving a chance to enter the house covering every inch of the house with some rods. It helps to prevent any viable entry points that might give an opportunity to someone access to your home.

Make yourself and your house Less of a Target

Some home invasions are preplanned, which means the home invaders target a specific home to invade in. Everyone thinks that they are free from being targeted or their home is free to be targeted for home invasion but this is not so, the home invaders can target any of our homes if they see something or the other which will be helpful to them or they are in need of a particular thing and it’s there in your home.

Always Keep Your Home Occupied

This point will confuse you all but actually keeping your home occupied means that you should have some sort of things which will allow you to monitor your home and keep an eye on it. Some examples can be, the homeowners can install surveillance cameras and the presence of a dog in your home.

Home Invasion Response

Some tips for home invasion response would be:

Know How to Keep Yourself Hidden

One of the best ways to respond to a home invasion would be to hide yourself. Prevention and respond go hand in hand likewise you can prevent yourself if you respond to it in a good manner.

Learn Basic Survival Skills

You should have some professional skills to protect yourself from the home invaders who will harm you or your family. One should learn that if the home invaders enters the home how can you keep them busy from not hurting you and then catch hold of them.

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