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Exploring St. Louis, Missouri

Discover The Beauty of St. Louis

When visiting St. Louis, Missouri, there is much to see and do. Whether you are a history buff, nature lover or attraction seeker, you will find something to enjoy during your travels. Get to know the city to find high points to add to your itinerary! Find more information here.

Top Historical Sites

When it comes to historical sites, St. Louis has several options to explore. For music fans, travel to the Scott Joplin House State Historic Site to view the charming home of the famous ragtime musician. If you are more of a natural history buff, then the Ulysses S Grant National Historic Site is a god choice. View the historic home of Grant, viewing where he spent his downtime. See here for information about Fun with Animals in St. Louis.

Fun Festivals

Depending on when you are traveling, you may get to experience a fun festival during your trip! St. Louis offers many different festivals featuring all types of activities. In May, enjoy the St. Louis Microfest, tasting over 100 international and craft beers. You will also find the Cherokee Cinco de Mayo festival, a wonderful way to enjoy authentic food and drink, music and entertainment!

Travel during the month of June and you can experience the Shakespeare Festival or the Circus Flora. Both offer a unique festival experience with plenty to see and do!


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