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When you are a business owner, you don’t only have to ensure that your employees are safe but also that the workplace is totally secure at all times. The tremendous responsibility is even tedious when the workplace consists of many doors, file cabinets, and much more. We understand the pain of first making sure that you have a system for all these doors and the likes and also make sure that they are maintained from time to time.

Now changing your locks just because you are worried about a possible break-in can be a very nerve-racking and tedious task. We recommend that you instead opt for rekeying. But even rekeying is something that takes time. So, what do we do? Maybe this post will assist you. We at Locksmith4you understand the trouble of brainstorming at such issues when you have the stress of making sure that the business is not disrupted at the workplace. This post will tell you situations where you must rekey your locks.

Let’s first see some situations where rekeying becomes absolutely pertinent:

This is a very dire situation. Whenever you have a break in like a situation the wise thing to do is always to re-key the entire place.

If you have a reasonable doubt that someone who wasn’t supposed to have access to your key has unfortunately gained access to it, you must rekey immediately as the safety is compromised.

The most important thing to ensure safety is to keep checking the existing locks of the place. Check for wear and tear and make sure that you continue to re-key in case the situation demands so. Don’t underestimate the damage time has on lock, get a locksmith to check out if you require re-keying in case of any doubts.

When you have a suspicion that someone with access to the key was at a security risk, that could jeopardize the entire staff thus re-keying becomes imperative.

Now that we have brought to your notice some cases where re-keying becomes essential you can keep a lookout for them.

Let us come down to what we recommend for you. We think its best that you rekey your locks every 6 months to 2 years. Now, these decisions can be made because of the annual turnover rate of your company or the value of what it is that you intend to protect. Therefore, the point is to rekey your locks regularly and especially in case the above four circumstances exist.

Locksmith4you is the right place to reach out to in case you have any queries reading rekeying your locks. We are a trusted brand in the area in and around St. Louis. We are always looking out for you and have a team of trained professionals that will make sure that your locksmith needs are met. To know more about us, contact us, or visit our website now.


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