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How to Kill Some Time in St. Louis, MO

Find out the best things the city has to do

Whether you’re new to St Louis or you live nearby and want something fun to participate in, you won’t have to look around for too long before settling on something to do. The city has world-class restaurants, renowned concert halls, and some top-notch historical locations to visit. There is something in the city for everyone, and you won’t have to look around for too long to settle on something. Some of the things to do include:

  • Union Station

  • Magic House

St Louis’s booming tourist market often gets lost in the more popular things to do, such as big-time sporting events or even the gateway arch. However, if you look around the city for other things, you’ll find no shortage of enjoying things to do. Visit this link for more information.

Union Station

Many years ago, St Louis Union Station was one of the busiest passenger rail terminals in the world. It may not hold such a reputation these days, but the history that the Station offers in tandem with its slew of restaurants and activities makes it a great location for tourists in parties of any and all sizes. Read about The Best Locations St. Louis, MO Has to Offer here.


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