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Kid-Friendly Fun in St. Louis

Enjoy These Kid-Friendly Locations in St. Louis

Are you traveling to St. Louis and looking for kid-friendly fun? If so, look no further than Grant’s Farm and the Magic House. Both offer a unique opportunity for you to have fun with your kids as you travel to the city for a weekend getaway or vacation. Both locations can provide hours of fun for you family! Click here for facts about St. Louis, MO.

The Magic House

While it might seem like the theme here is magic, this is actually a children’s museum. At the Magic House, kids can run wild, taking part in hundreds of hands-on exhibits as well as activities. The exhibits are fun and educational, allowing your child to have fun as well as yourself! Plan a full day visit to the museum as the exhibits are fun and do and do again! Click here to read about Exploring St. Louis, Missouri.

Grant’s Farm

A free and unique adventure in St. Louis can be found at Grant’s Farm. Here the entire family can ride a tram to the see the animals and then visit a courtyard when you can enjoy food and snacks. There are plenty of animals here on the farm, including baby goats, peacocks, zebras, camels, parrots and more. You can even feed a few of the animals, getting up close and personal with the animals on the farm!


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