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5 Items New Homeowners Should Check Immediately

Moving into a new household and neighbourhood can be a different kind of rush. We all get curious about our neighbours, nearby services, security systems, and other vital factors. There are a lot of things that are required to be undertaken while moving in so that you can settle in better. Don’t get too excited while moving, because now comes the occasion where you need to pay attention to details for your house in order to be a successful homeowner. Here are some of the initial things you are required to check immediately after moving in.

Locking systems

As soon as you get the keys to your new house, it is best to go buy and install a set of new locks or get in touch with an efficient locksmith to change the prior locking system. As an aware citizen, you must know that the previous owners, maintenance service providers or the realtors may likely have the keys to the prior locks. For sufficient peace of mind and as an essential step in making your new house secure, you should definitely get new locks installed instantly.

House landscape

Make sure that your new house has an excellent curb appeal, the lawns are well-maintained and the shrubs are well kept so that the potential burglars have the impression that the house has residents and they don’t make any effort to break-in. The trees and bushes should be well cut so that the burglars don’t hide in them and then attack. It is always prudent to place dark curtains and blinds in essential rooms, to prevent the burglars from keeping a track of your whereabouts and belongings.

Introduce security

House security should always be a priority to get peace of mind. Make sure to give a call to the security company so that they can install the required security systems in no time. If the realtor has already set security systems for your house, then its best to change the codes or password so that you are the only one who knows them. Also, stick signs and cautions of security so that the burglars are aware that they are definitely going to jail.

Establish internet services

Even if you don’t intend to get your computer and go online, you still need to get internet services for the Wi-Fi enabled cameras to work. Some houses also have digital doorbells that operate on Wi-Fi and so do numerous mobile apps that control the lighting of the house and functioning of the garage door and the lawn.

Don’t forget the windows, doors and deadbolts.

Make sure that none of these are broken so that the burglars don’t stand a chance to break-in. Deadbolts are built to prevent burglar break-ins, so make sure that you get in touch with a locksmith to check the deadbolts. All these locking mechanisms should always be checked to keep your new house safe and secure.

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