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Locksmith Versus Car Dealership for Key Replacement

As you lose your car keys, your brain spirals out of control and you panic.

What should you do now? Should you call a car dealership and pay extra to resolve the issue at hand?

Or should you call a local locksmith? But where can a person find a reliable auto locksmith on such short notice?

Let's explore what you can do to replace your car key.


The primary reason for choosing a locksmith over a car dealership is the convenience a locksmith offers.

With a few clicks, you can call a 24-hour locksmith to your home.

However, you would have to travel to a car dealership by yourself. Imagine getting locked out of your car and being expected to drive to a car dealershipquite absurd, isn’t it?

Additionally, car dealerships have limited working hours. In contrast to a 24-hour locksmith, you cannot access a car dealership at any time you please.

Travel Time & Fuel Expense

Between a car locksmith near me and a car dealership far away, the closer choice seems obvious. But not everyone thinks the same.

Hence, let us share why a car locksmith is a more economical option.

A car locksmith nearby saves travel time, in addition to saving fuel costs that would be spent in driving to and from a car dealership.


A car dealership is an all-in-one solution for multiple car issues. Thus, if your car has several issues, opting for a dealership would be an ideal choice.

Alternatively, if you only have a key-related issue, a car locksmith would be a better choice.

A locksmith specializes in key replacements. Therefore, for a quality repair and replacement service, you should preferably choose a locksmith Kirkwood MO.

Fewer Charges

If your car key is protected under a warranty, car key replacement wouldn’t be an issue at all. However, if your car warranty has expired or does not cover key replacement, the charges could put a dent in your wallet!

Therefore, it is financially sensible to choose a car locksmith than a car dealership for car key replacement.

Going Beyond Limited Options

Car dealerships are restricted by numerous regulations and procedures. For instance, a car dealership might be legally required to suggest only a certain company’s services.

On the other hand, a locksmith is not bound by any procedures. Hence, an auto locksmith can suggest creative and effective options for car key replacement which are great value for money.

Dollar Value for Warranty

Car dealerships’ services come at a cost and a long list of conditions.

As a car dealership’s customer, you might get a few or only a couple of free services. Hence, wasting your insured service on a car key replacement is not wise.

Going to a locksmith could help you save your all-expenses-paid warranty card for future, costly repairs.


As you make the final decision to choose an auto locksmith over a car dealership, it is equally important to choose reliable experts.

Locksmith 4 You – a leading auto locksmith company with licensed professionals offers fast auto locksmith services at unbeatable rates!

Save the number now!


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