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Methods that can Help You Open Your Car if You Locked Your Keys Inside

Sometimes, you’ll discover that your keys are locked inside your car. According to the American Automobile Association, there are over 4 million reports of keys locked inside the car by motorists, and vehicle owners every year.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation of getting your car key locked in the car? Have you also experienced how stressful and challenging it could be? So, what is the possible way out? How do you get back in whenever you find yourself in a similar situation? Here are a few tips to help you open your car whenever your car key is locked inside of the car:

Dial 911

Whenever you find yourself in such situations, safety, and security of your life and vehicle should be a top priority. Do not hesitate to dial 911 if you observe that you’re in danger. In several instances, the police could help you unlock the doors of your car. If they can’t unlock it, they’ll probably help you contact the owner of a tow truck. Of course, you’ll be safe once the police are involved.

Use a Hanger with a Door Wedge

This method is extremely effective for both automatic and manual locking system. You begin by finding a wedge to slightly open the top corner of the door of your car. Some of the potential materials include a ruler, a knife, or otherwise an inflatable blood pressure cuff. Once you have been able to create a sufficient opening successfully, you can slide a straightened metal hanger down the interior part of the car.

If you are trying to unlock a car with manual lock, you can leave a loop towards the end in order to catch the interior door handle. Otherwise, if you are trying to open an automatic lock, you can make a tighter hook towards the end of the hanger. After then, you can press the lock button on the panel of the car door.

If after all attempts, you can still get the car door unlocked, you can always hire the services of a qualified towing expert or locksmith in St. Louis. In the best of cases, the professional locksmith will be able to help you unlock your door or access your car keys. In worst-case scenarios, you can have your vehicle towed to a nearest locksmith where you can get specialized help in unlocking your particular make and model.

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