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6 Hacks for Keeping Track of Your Car Keys

Having a busy schedule is the worst when it makes you so busy that you keep forgetting small activities of your day-to-day life. Worst is to rush from your car to the office while grabbing all documents, bags, and coffee but ultimately leave your keys in the car. This is the worst situation you can be in which can take a brunt over your office time.

That’s why we have listed some tricks you can use to make sure that you don’t forget your car keys back inside the car.

1. Always have spare keys

This is the easiest and the simplest idea which you can use to open your car. Always get spare keys of your car keys made and place it at a safe place or hand it over to your loved ones who can come to your rescue when needed.

2. Put your car keys in long keychains

It’s always easy to spot a thing when they are big or attached to big items. If you don’t like those tacky long keychains then go for fun thread long keychains that can be effective. These can help you identify your fallen keys from a distance.

3. Create a phone reminder

It's very easy to forget keys back home when grabbing too much stuff for office thus, it is best to set a reminder to not forget important keys when leaving home. You can set it on your phone or write it on a sticky note placed at the front door. This will enable you to always carry your keys when leaving for outside activities.

4. Keep them at the same place

Develop a healthy habit to place your essential keys at the same spot on an everyday basis. This will automatically set your brain to look for them when leaving for office and not forget them at home. That’s where hook hangers come into picture which can benefit you to see them directly while leaving for office. This habit will help you from avoiding losing your important keys.

5. Use sound beepers

Modern technology has always helped humans in need. In such a situation, it is best to attach important keys to modern sound beepers which make a sound when clicked and also empower you to keep a track of the keys when lost. You can also download the app on your phone to track the whereabouts of the lost keys.

6. Get in touch with a professional locksmith

Sometimes small steps to look for the keys can turn out to be ineffective thus it is best to opt for professional experts to open the car door for you and also help you get the new car keys made for easy use.

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