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6 Home Security Myths: The Truth About Locks

Every other minute, a burglary takes place and half of the time it is because of our false beliefs. There is an outbreak of smart criminals and you need to get out of the false sense of safety.

Here are six security myths exposed in order to gain more clarity and practicality.

1. Night time is crime time

A common misbelief is that intrudes attack only when it is dark. You only safeguard your property at night thinking it will keep you safe. But in reality, intruders engage in day time theft because they know what you think. Due to the common extra security at night, they get easy access to houses during the day. Maintaining a balanced check will reduce risks.

2. Duplicating high security keys is impossible

This, as a matter of fact is true. Highly secure keys are made in such a way that duplication is highly negative. Such keys require a signature even if the owner reorders, making sure that only people authorized to use it, can have it.

3. Locks once installed, need no maintenance

Locks are the essential foundation to your sense of security. You sleep peacefully at night because your locks are solid. However, once installed, you totally forget about it. With time and usage, it can develop wear and tear, therefore, need proper care in intervals.

4. Master lock system

Another common misconception is that a master lock has a one button control system connected to all the other locks. The word ‘master’ on locks does not always mean they are master locks. Such locks are prepared and keyed to all other locks to establish a safe system. Therefore, beware before you jump into conclusions.

5. Pick-immune locks

There is no lock a burglar will not try to pick. In fact even with little intel, professional thieves easily pick the most hyped ‘pick immune locks’. Extremely resistant ones are very expensive and not affordable by everyone.

6. Expensive safety service

You will be surprised to know that locksmiths are not that expensive. It is a misnomer and it is time to face the music and get hold of a professional locksmith. They offer reliable systems and assured installments with great customer service.

At LockSmith 4 You you can come with your eyes closed and invest. Gone are the days when solid safety system were unreachable. Contact us now and become well equipped to safeguard your household.

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