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What is Lock Bumping?

Has it ever happened to you that a burglar breaks in but leaves no sign of forced entry? Well, it is not a spirit troubling you, it the result of a simple act known as lock bumping. Lock bumping is not a myth and is very much practiced by criminals all over the globe. Your conventional locks are no longer guarding your house, especially with the entry of this easy method which leaves no trace of any lock breaking. What is lock bumping and how do you tackle this atrocious act?

Lock Bumping: Defined

When a locksmith arrives at your home in order to pick a lock, he tries to find a way to unlock without destroying the lock, which is popularly known as lock bumping. This method is not as complicated as lock picking which necessitates requisite knowledge and equipment. It is relatively easy and can be performed with a bump key that one can find online or purchase it from a store nearby. Thus, lock bumping has been identified as a growing threat to not only residential security but also business and workspace safety. This method is successful due to its alignment of pins in such a manner that disables the lock without leaving a mark.

Lock Bumping: How does it work?

The rudimental locks have special keys that can be used to easily bump a lock, known as the bump key. Once you insert the bump key, a quick strike with a mallet or screwdriver can give access to the house. The key is used to align the pins of a common lock which causes the shear line to move above, enough to allow the lock to be unlocked. An act as simple as this can be executed by any person having an understanding and knowledge of the same. Lately, this trend has been increasingly used due to its simplicity. All it requires is a bump key, a blunt object and turning of the cylinder with the right amount of pressure.

How does one be prepared against this?

Even though it almost sounds impossible to deter this, there are ways in which a locksmith can come to your rescue. The most vital step would be enhancing your existing lock to a superior quality lock in order to increase the number of pins in them. This does not negate the lock bumping activity but shall certainly make it a difficult one, keeping your home safe and less prone to such incidents. However, an even better step would be installing a high-security lock that comes with a secondary sidebar and advanced features making it difficult to break in.

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