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Admire Art in St. Louis, MO

The best art museums in the city

When many people visit St Louis, they’re resigned to visiting the most popular events, such as Cardinals baseball games or Blues hockey games, with many choosing to wind down in the city’s urban park areas. However, the city has tons to offer in regard to artwork, and there are many great museums to visit here, including:

  • The St. Louis Art Museum

  • The Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis

St Louis is known for its restaurants and successful sports franchises, but lesser known for its commitment to providing the public with world-class art museums. The St. Louis Art Museum in particular, for those who know of it, draws thousands of curious visitors every year, most of which leave it in awe at how inspiring the works really are.See more here.

The St. Louis Art Museum

When you’re in St Louis and you’re looking for something different to do to escape the intoxicated crowds and groups of children, there’s an obvious place to visit. The St. Louis Art Museum has a vast collection of artwork spanning many centuries and cultures which display sculptures, oil paintings, charcoal drawings, and photography. The works on display here are truly top-notch. Learn more about Get Your Heart Pumping in St. Louis, MO.


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