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Be One with Nature in St Louis, MO

The most beautiful gardens in the state

While St Louis maintains a fairly large urban landscape in addition to many suburbs, the city also is home to some truly beautiful gardens and outdoor area. St Louis residents never have to drive too far in order to find themselves in nature and disconnecting from city life is easier in St Louis than it is in most places. If you’re planning a trip to St Louis and want to enjoy the city’s more natural areas, you should check out:

  • The Missouri Botanical Garden

  • The Meramec Caverns

St Louis is home to 300,000 residents, and it is growing every day. Many people move there in order to participate in an involved sports city with a slew of music venues, and world class restaurants. Visit this link for more information.

The Missouri Botanical Gardens

The Missouri Botanical Gardens boast 79 acres of gardens, landscape architecture, greenhouses, and conservatories, and it is the oldest botanical garden in the country. Their collections of botanical and horticultural plants are among the most beautiful that you can find. If you’re planning a trip to St Louis for any reason, the Missouri Botanical garden is a must-see. Learn more about Catch A Great Concert in St. Louis, MO.


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