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Bella Villa, Missouri - Popular Shopping District

Bella Villa, Mo., is an extremely popular town in the St. Louis Metropolitan area, and it has been for decades. Bella Villa is a town located in St. Louis County, Mo., on the western edge of the metropolitan area. The city population peaked in 1950 at around 730 and then gradually declined throughout the decades. The current population stands at just over 729 as of the 2020 census. Click here for facts about St. Louis, MO.

There are three main shopping areas in Bella Villa, Missouri. The main shopping center is located at Central Blvd. and contains many different types of businesses, including several restaurants and pubs. One of Bella Villa's largest employers is the St. Charles College, which also offers its own business district. Another main shopping area is in Midway Plaza, located between East Grand Avenue and West Florissant Avenue. Midway Plaza is home to a variety of stores and other businesses, including a supermarket. The area also features an area of commercial parking, which serves as a free shuttle service to many of Bella Villa's businesses. An office park also sits in this area, which is home to a number of different companies, including several major corporations. Information about Things to Know About Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO can be found here.

Most of Bella Villa, Missouri's entertainment centers are located on the west side of town, including several bars and restaurants. A number of other businesses also occupy the area, including a major manufacturing plant that makes many different products. Bella Villa also contains a number of apartments and townhomes. The average home price is around five thousand dollars. Bella Villa has several recreational centers as well, including a community center, a playground, a tennis center, and even a bowling alley! Bella Villa is also home to the St. Charles Zoo, which is home to a number of different animals, such as hippos and giraffes. The zoo has been known to provide the St. Charles Zoo with an income as well!


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