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Enjoy the Outdoors in St. Louis, MO

There is more to the city than just the downtown area

St Louis is known around the country for having championship winning sports clubs, great local pizza, top-notch restaurants, and much more. However, the city is much more than just the city, as it boasts lots of beautifully curated outdoor areas for people of all backgrounds and for groups of any size. Many tourists enjoy taking in the outdoor areas, and some of the city’s most popular outdoor areas include:

  • The Citygarden

  • The Laumeier Sculpture Park

St. Louis’s best tourist locations are found at the arch, the stadiums, the museums, and the restaurants. However, not all of your vacation has to include downtown, urban areas. There are plenty of urban areas which are curated for natural enjoyment, and the citygarden is one of the most popular for rest and relaxation. Click here for facts about City of St. Louis, MO .

The Citygarden

Citygarden is an urban oasis which fuses sculptures and landscape architecture inspired by modern, contemporary works along with native plants, rain gardens, and a café. It is a beautiful place to relax in nature without having to venture too far from the popular downtown area, and many locals enjoy it every day. Click here to read about Where to Have Fun in St Louis, MO.


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