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Experience Live Theater in St Louis, MO

St Louis theater is some of the best in the Midwest

Over the years, St Louis’s culture has evolved in many ways, encompassing professional sports, casinos, nature, gardens, and yes, even live theater. The city has a number of gorgeous theaters where you can catch a play or a musical, or sometimes a night with a celebrity or a famous journalist where you can hear their stories and ask them questions. While there are many theaters in the city, the most notable ones are:

  • The Fabulous Fox Theater

  • The Peabody Opera House

More than 300,000 people call St. Louis their home due to its dynamic culture and its fantastic social offerings. For tourists, you’ll fit right in here, as many residents are quick to share local hot spots and even the best secret places to go to still have fun but to also get away from the crowds. More can be found here.

The Fabulous Fox Theater

The Fabulous Fox Theater is one of the most gorgeous theaters in the country, and you can see a play, concert, dance troupe, or more. It hosts touring Broadway casts as well, so you’re going to see the most professional stage actors in the county here. See here for information about The Best Places in St Louis, MO to Gamble.


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