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Fun with Animals in St. Louis

Explore The Animals Of St. Louis

Are you an animal lover traveling to St. Louis, Missouri? If so, there is plenty to see and do involving animals and natural wildlife. The St. Louis Zoo and the Power Valley Conservation Nature Center are high points that are not to be missed. Get to know local wildlife as well as exotic creatures as you visit these two unique locations. St. Louis, MO information can be seen at this link.

Explore the St. Louis Zoo

As a top local attraction, the St. Louis Zoo sees a great deal of foot traffic each and every year. The zoo is home to many creatures, from monkeys and river otters, to ducks, African lions, giant tortoises, leopards, tigers and more. The beautiful grounds are a perfect backdrop as you view the animals. Easily spend a day exploring the zoo and the many creatures that live there. Discover facts about Top Attractions in St. Louis, Missouri for First Time Visitors.

Power Valley Conservation Nature Center

If you want to get to know the native wildlife of Missouri, then this is the place to visit. As you move throughout the nature center, you will see native fish, snapping turtles and more. The educational area is a highlight as it offers live animals where you can enjoy bird watching, a beehive and more. Tour the area and get to know more about the regions unique wildlife.


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