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History of Bellerive, Missouri

Bellerive, Missouri is a small suburb of St. Louis, in the northern part of St. Louis County. It is bordered by Maplewood on one side and Bellefontaine on the other. It is located about two miles north of the city of Clayton. It is located in a suburb that is less affluent than other suburbs in St. Louis. The median income is around forty thousand dollars, less than half of the city average, and it has a population that is over twenty-four thousand, which is also less than the city average. St. Louis, MO information can be seen at this link.

Bellerive was established as a middle-class suburb of St. Louis by an influx of immigrants from Germany, Austria, and Belgium during the late nineteen twenties and early thirties. It was originally known as Bellerow but was changed to Bellerive when it became apparent to the citizens of St. Louis that it was a suburb that would be suitable for German immigrants. The people of Bellerive are primarily of German descent, but there are many other nationalities living there as well. It is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the entire state of Missouri. It is a place that has many stores and businesses that cater to the affluent middle class, as well as small shops and restaurants that serve the lower income communities. Click here to read about Breckenridge Hills, MO - Home for Families.

There are a few historical places in Bellerive, which can be visited by the residents. The main church is the St. Stephen Catholic Church, which has a stained-glass window that is one of the most beautiful stained glass windows that is used on a building anywhere in the country. Another historic site in Bellerive, Missouri that is worth visiting is the Schluter House, which was built in 1869. There is another building that is worth visiting in the area that is also part of the Schluter House Museum. It is called the Bellery Barns, which was built in 1867 and is open to visitors. Other historical places that the residents of Bellerive, Missouri enjoy visiting include the Bellerive County courthouse and the St. Clair County Courthouse. There are also historic sites in St. Clair County that are worth checking out as well.


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