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Home For the Whole Family - Brentwood, Missouri

Brentwood, Missouri is an outer-ring suburban area of St. Louis, situated in Clayton County, Missour. The total population was eight thousand at the 2020 Census. The area was designed to be a suburb that incorporated urban areas as well as rural and farm communities. The city of Brentwood was originally built around nineteen hundred houses, and the area was later enlarged by a new subdivision and neighborhood known as "The Brentwood Village." Further facts about St. Louis, MO can be found here.

The city of Brentwood has been designated as one of the twenty "Ten Best Places to Raise a Family" by the National Center for Children in poverty. The population of this town has declined, but it is still a popular destination for those looking to raise children, especially in the inner ring of suburbs in the area. It is also home to some very affluent people, who make up a large percentage of its population. This affluent demographic does have some problems, though. There are drug gangs in Brentwood, and Brentwood is considered to be a crime-ridden city. The residents are mostly white in Brentwood, but there are a lot of black families who live here as well, and many of them have middle-class homes. If you are looking for a quiet, safe place to raise a family, then Brentwood may be for you. Discover facts about Clayton, Missouri - A Great Place to Retire.

Homes in Brentwood are usually built on lots that are three acres or more, and most homes will feature two or even three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Some of these homes come with two porches. These homes have a lot of space and can be customized with everything from a swimming pool to a tennis court. There are also some homes available with a swimming pool in the backyard, which makes these homes ideal for parents who want to entertain their children. Some of the best neighborhoods to raise a family in include Brentwood, Mo., and the surrounding areas.

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