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How to Safely Hide a Spare Key

In easy words, a spare key is the imitation of an original key. Nowadays, because of having an eventful agenda, it’s quite common for an individual to disremember little things. For instance, you forgot your house keys at your place of business and now you’ve reached back home key less. If you have a spare key, then it would be easier for you to unlock your house or else you’ll be required to call your locksmith for further help.

In order to avoid such circumstances, it is a prudent option to always have your spare key somewhere hidden around the house. Now the next question would be that since you have a spare key then where can you hide these keys? Because there may be a chance of misuse of these spare keys especially by burglars. Following these effective steps will definitely make it easy to safely place the key away for emergencies.

Place the Spare key with one of your family members.

It is always prudent to give one of your spare keys to your family member. In case you are locked out of your house, then you can easily go and collect the spare key or you can call them to bring the spare key to you. Thus, this way you can unlock your house with ease. This is one of the finest choices to keep your spare key safely.

With a trusted neighbor

If you know your neighbor very well and you think, he is dependable then probably you can share your spare key with him. If by chance, you lose your original keys then you can get it from your neighbor and can unlock your house without any hindrance. A trusted neighbor is one of the good options to keep your spare key safely.

In Your Vehicle.

It is a great idea to place your spare key inside your vehicle. In case you are locked out then it’ll be easy for you to retrieve your keys. But make sure that no one knows about this secret place of yours.

Around your Home

First, search for super-secret spots around your house. If you think hiding your spare key at that secret spot is safe and nobody is tracking on this, then it’s definitely a great idea.

In a Lockbox

Technology has always helped us in making our life easier. If you have a sufficient budget, then you can buy a lockbox and place your spare key in it. Since it has a locking system, it’s not easy to collect the spare key unless you enter the pin.

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