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How To Spend a Day in St Louis, MO

The city’s best offerings

When many people think of St Louis, they think of successful sports franchise, thin crust pizza, and Busch beer. However, if you look close enough, there are tons of things to do here, which is why so many tourists choose to come here every year. No matter what you’re seeking, you’ll find it in the gateway city, as it has gone to many lengths in order to appeal to residents and tourists alike to keep them coming every year. Some of the best things to do here include:

  • Seeing a Concert at the Pageant

  • Visiting Blueberry Hill

St Louis is renowned for its influence and complete embrace of many musical styles. The city’s professional hockey team – the Blues – are actually named the Blue Notes after the city’s developments in jazz music. This spirit endures across many genres, and it is on display every night in the city. Information can be found here.

See a Concert at the Pageant

The Pageant was ranked one of the top five concert venues in the world by Pollstar, and it hosts medium-to-large performing touring acts. The Pageant is located in a great area on the city’s “loop,” where many go to enjoy the city’s culture. Read about The Top Things for History Buffs to do in St Louis, MO here.


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