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Pine Lawn, Missouri - A Small Town in the Heart of the Midwest

Pine Lawn, Missouri is a small city in St. Louis county, Missouri. Pine Lawn is located south of Ferguson, west of St. Louis City, and north of Maplewood. It is bordered by Illinois on one side and Kansas on the other. The city has a long history and was named after an old fort. The early settlers moved to the area in the 1800s to settle down and build a new home. Find further facts here.

There are many beautiful natural landscapes in Pine Lawn, but the majority of the town is occupied by businesses. Many businesses have moved in over the years and Pine Lawn has become a major employment center for the St. Louis area. This has caused the prices of homes to increase, which has also helped fuel the growth in Pine Lawn. As a result of the growth in homes and in the surrounding communities, Pine Lawn has developed into a shopping center. The town is also known for its golf courses and is one of the best golfing locations in the country. Read about Facts About the Neighborhood of Richmond Heights, Missouri here.

The town of Pine Lawn, Michigan is a great place for families. The weather is pleasant and it is relatively safe for children to play outside. It's easy to see why Pine Lawn is such a popular place to live in the St. Louis area. Pine Lawn, Missouri has many neighborhoods to choose from.


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