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Reasons to Travel to St. Louis, MO

St. Louis is becoming a popular US tourist destination

St. Louis is an area with tons of history. From its celebrating sport teams, its influence on the Lewis and Clark expeditions, and much more, it’s truly no surprise that so many are taking to the city to learn more about it. If you’re looking for a fun new travel destination, you wouldn’t regret venturing out to the gateway city for a couple of days. No matter who you bring with you or if you’re travelling alone, you’ll have great fun at:

  • The Aquarium

  • The City Museum

On the banks of the Mississippi River, St. Louis, the “gateway to the Midwest” has grown into one of the Midwest’s favorite tourist destinations. As one of the largest cities in the state of Missouri, many come from across the state and the country to stay a few days and check everything out. Learn more here.

The Aquarium

The St Louis aquarium is a highly popular destination. Located downtown in a convenient location, the aquarium is easy to access and hosts endless amounts of school fieldtrips throughout the course of the year. It’s a great place to see some aquatic animals up-close and in a whole new way. Read about Enjoy the Outdoors in St. Louis, MO here.


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