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The Best Things to do in St Louis, MO

The city has tons to offer

Many people are looking to travel for the summer and are looking for the best new locations to check out, and too many of them will overlook St Louis. St Louis is a fairly large city with seemingly endless restaurants, bars, activities, and sporting events. Whether you’re here with friends, family, or you’re travelling solo, you’ll have no issue finding events which will satisfy everyone in your party. Some of the best things to do in the city include:

  • Six Flags

  • Ballpark Village

St Louis is a beautiful city situated near the border of Illinois and right next to the Mississippi River. The city has once hosted the World’s Fair, and hosts tons of high-level sporting events, world-class concerts, and more every year. Information can be found here.

Six Flags

Six Flags will make a travelling party of any size happy. With rides for people of all ages, this theme park has rides that go up to 62 MPH, including water rides such as the whitewater rapids adventure of Thunder River. The park also hosts live shows and concerts, and there are tons of hotels nearby from which to choose. See here for information about Where to See A Good Sporting Event in St Louis, MO.


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