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The Best Tourist Spots in St Louis, MO

What to see in the gateway city

If you’re looking to accomplish some traveling this summer, don’t worry about not having anything to do if you end up in St Louis. St Louis has tons of residents who have endless things to do in the area, from the Mississippi River to the Meramec Caverns and everything in between, you’ll find something for everyone in your group. Of the many things to do in the area, some favorites include:

  • The Gateway Arch

  • The Various Sporting Events

St Louis is one of the biggest cities in Missouri and plays host to thousands of tourists every year. The city has a handful of professional sports teams and tons of historical monuments, making it a diverse and interesting city. Learn more here.

The Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch is probably the city’s biggest tourism magnet. Standing 630 feet tall with an elevator inside, you can ride to the top of this stainless-steel monument and take in the finest views in the whole city. With a museum underground dedicated to the Lewis and Clark exhibition, there are many things to take in at this popular St Louis location. Learn more about The Best Times to Visit St. Louis, MO.


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