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The Best Way to Spend an Afternoon in St Louis

St Louis has tons of fun things to do

If you’re looking for a fun city to spend a couple of days at, St Louis is right for you. St. Louis sits on the western bank of the Mississippi River and it has a population sitting right around 300,000. With the bustling population and exploding downtown region, you’re sure to find countless fun ways to spend an afternoon here, such as by visiting:

  • The Old Courthouse

  • The Cahokia Mounds

St Louis is an old city with lots of history. This appeals to adults and the older population more so than younger people, but people of all ages our bound to find fun things to do in this beautiful city in Missouri. Learn more here.

The Old Courthouse

Taking a visit to the old courthouse will amaze anyone who is interested in American history. This was the site of the first two trials of the Dred Scott case, and it is where women’s rights to vote were fought. The courtrooms have since been beautifully restored and there are numerous galleries which vividly depict some of the most significant moments in St Louis history. See here for information about The Most Fun Places to Visit in St. Louis, MO.


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