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The Top Things for History Buffs to do in St Louis, MO

You’re bound to enjoy your time in St Louis

When it’s time to take a vacation, many people run to the coasts looking for sunshine and beaches. However, many who opt to instead head inland to St Louis, Missouri are surprised by how much fun they end up having. In St Louis, within just a few blocks you can visit world class museums, zoos, restaurants, bars, and more. Missourians love travelling to the city whenever they can to attend sporting events, and also to:

  • Visit the Cahokia Mounds

  • Visit the Central Library

St Louis appeals to crowds both young and old. For a city with 300,000, there are a surprisingly high number of things to do within just a few square miles, and many people who travel here love knowing that they can walk to their next destination rather than having to take a cab around as they would in a bigger city. Learn information about St. Louis, MO

Visit the Cahokia Mounds

If you’re looking to take in some of the Midwest’s unique historical developments, there likely isn’t a better place to do this than at the Cahokia mounds. Here, you can walk through a world heritage site and an ancient civilization. The museum is wonderful with a knowledgeable staff and you’ll be amazed at the size of the mounds. Click here to read about The Best Way to Spend an Afternoon in St Louis.


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