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The University City, Missouri - An Overview

University City, Missouri is located at the intersection of I-55 and Mississippi Avenue in southwest Missouri City. University City is a very well-planned inner-ring suburb of downtown St. Louis, in south St. Louis County in the United States state of Missouri. The census was recently measured at just over 35,000 people. This makes it the third most populated of the St Louis suburb areas and is only about a third as small as University City, Missouri, the largest of the three. It also is not located on top of a hill, like a lot of the St Louis suburbs, but rather the middle of a valley, with the Mississippi River on one side and the Mississippi River embankment on the other. Visit this link for more information.

University City was originally built in 1917 and is part of what is called the "First Ward" of St Louis' central business district. The area is centered around Central Avenue and University Drive. A large number of businesses are located along University Drive, including the American Bank Center, a retail store that is located directly across Central from the downtown business district. The center also houses a small number of restaurants and a post office. The banks are also located in the area, including a branch of the Chase Manhattan Bank. There are also a number of retail stores that are located along University Drive, such as Best Buy, Cabela's, and Walmart. Read about Introduction of Vinita Park, Missouri here.

As the St Louis suburb has grown, so too has its population, with the University City area being one of the fastest-growing areas in this area. The increase in population has led to growth in commercial activity, including the construction of several new businesses on the commercial strips in and around University Drive. There are also a number of new housing developments being built on the strip along University Drive and University Avenue. The University City, Missouri, area was hit especially hard during the recession and home prices fell in this area in some areas, which resulted in many people having to leave. However, the real estate market in this area has begun to rebound, with more homes being built. In some areas and homes that were damaged by the housing crisis are now able to be resold.


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