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Wellston, MO - The Town You Haven't Heard Of

Wellston, Missouri is a town in St. Louis county, Missouri, in the north part of the city of Saint Louis. The population was approximately 2,000 at the 2020 Census. It is a small town located about fifteen miles from the airport. It was established by settlers in 1867. It is home to many notable figures, including former United States Senator, Jesse Livermore, and former United States Vice President, Richard Nixon. Both Nixon and Livermore lived in Wellston during their time in office. Learn information about St. Louis, MO here.

Wellston is known for its shopping and entertainment activities. It offers many different types of shopping and entertainment choices, including several restaurants. Here you can find numerous activities including movie theaters and theaters, music concerts, bowling, and skating rinks. It also houses a bank and is where many banks keep their money. A bowling alley is also located in Wellston. Other entertainment options include many festivals throughout the year. Discover facts about Woodson Terrace, Missouri - A Great Place To Live.

Because Wellston is close to the airport, it offers a number of different flights to the area. It is the home base for the St. Louis International Airport and is connected to the larger Charles de Gaulle Airport through a series of different highways. There are many different areas of interest to visitors in Wellston, MO. Visitors can check out the historic courthouse, historic churches, art galleries, historic homes, and historic farmhouses. They can enjoy a scenic ride through the beautiful countryside, take a scenic tour through the St. Charles National Forest, or walk along the river. If you are interested in hunting, there are hunting clubs and guided tours. Visitors can even check out some of the historic attractions and historical sites of St. Joseph, MO.


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