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What Can You Do If Your Car Key Breaks Off in the Ignition?

What Can You Do If Your Car Key Breaks Off in the Ignition?

Breaking the car key off in the ignition can be a frustrating thing that can happen to any driver, leaving them feeling stuck and helpless. Even though the car keys are made of steel, they may break when exposed to extreme stress or temperature. If the car key breaks off while inside the ignition, it is best to connect with a professional locksmith to remove the pieces and develop a new key. But apart from that, you can also use some household tools and get the problem solved:

Use a wire coat hanger

In this trick, shape one end of the wire hanger into a hook with a plier, insert that into the ignition and give a swipe to ultimately dislodge the broken pieces.

Get a Hacksaw Blade

When using this trick, its best to put the ignition in a neutral position and get hold of a small hacksaw blade. Slip the blade into the ignition so that it stays against the broken key and then turn the ignition so that it’s no longer stuck in place. When you take the hacksaw blade out if you’re lucky it will catch onto the front or back of the key and then you can pull it out. But be sure to be careful of your hands and your interior trim when trying this method out.

Some reasons why a Car Key breaks while in Ignition

Extreme temperatures

If you try to start your car when the key is extremely hot or cold, the steel may crack at its weakest point. This causes part of the car key to remain stuck inside the ignition, while the other part is attached to the key ring.

Locked steering wheel

If the steering wheel is in a locked position, the ignition barrel will not move when the key is placed inside it. Forcing the key into the ignition when the wheel is locked may cause the key to breaking, with one element stuck inside the ignition.

Damaged ignition system

In a condition when dirt and other particles get into the ignition cylinder, the key may get stuck. In such a situation it is best to call for a locksmith to clean out the cylinder with fine brushes or canned air. Once the ignition cylinder is cleared off the debris, the key should fit in and turn perfectly in the ignition.

It is prudent to never force the key out of the ignition when you see that the car key won’t budge. Analyze the reasons that might be behind this and then decide on the course of action to be followed. That could either attempt a DIY process that will benefit in extracting the key or call for a locksmith. For more information on this, connect with Locksmith4You, where our expert team is up for every job, managing small and big locksmith projects with experience and skill that our clients expect from us. Our client satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us today to understand more about our services and how we can benefit you!


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