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What do you need to know about key cutting?

Having locks is essential to protect our house and safes against theft or any other misfortune. Many times, people face the problem of losing keys or sometimes the keys break inside the lock. In such situations, you must have heard about an alternative that is key cutting. Key cutting involves developing an entirely new key or making a duplicate one of an existing key.

Although the key cutting is a quick process, you should still be careful while selecting the person to get it done for you. However, there are a few factors you should consider when it comes to key cutting:

People think that cutting the key from the duplicate key is similar to cutting the keys from the original piece. But that is not true, when you cut a key from the copy or duplicate key, it doesn’t accurately fit. Hence, whenever you go for key cutting, carry the original key. Otherwise, security issues can arise during the process.

A key is a key, but there are different types of keys for numerous purposes. Mainly, two types of keys, that are regular (standard) and high-security, are used. The primary difference between these is that regular keys do not require extra permission for key cutting, whereas the high-security keys need authorization.

Basically, for key cutting of high-security keys, you should have a documentation proof contacting the unique serial number. This number indicates that you own this key.

It is advised to have at least three duplicate keys and one original key. One original and one duplicate for the keyholder, one for a roommate or the building manager, and one for the trusted neighbor. The best means to save your original key is by keeping your original key as spare and the duplicate one in use (i.e., as primary key).

When it comes to key cutting, the experience, and skills of the individual matters. Because it is a matter of the quality of the key, and an inexperienced person might deteriorate it. Therefore, to get the superior quality of the duplicate key, the person cutting keys should be a professional.

Some locksmiths even have the expertise to make a key from the picture. Here again, the skills and experience of the key cutter matters.

You can find some local key cutters in your residential area. The key cutting professional should be reliable as much as you rely on your safe lock. You must find someone trustworthy for cutting your key. The qualified locksmiths have professional machines that allow them to make quality keys on the spot.

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