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What Kind of Keys Can a Locksmith Duplicate?

One of the most widely popular services that locksmiths offer is duplicating keys for you when you need an extra or have lost the one you owned. But even they have certain limitations and this is why this post will outline all the kinds of keys that locksmiths can duplicate. You must be well acquainted with this list as when contacting the locksmith, you must always know what kind of services they offer.

A professional key maker or a locksmith will make sure that the keys are duplicated and the quality is not compromised. Now whether you have lost your key or a looking for an extra a locksmith can help you. A professional and experienced one will also make sure that the process is convenient for you by duplicating the key quickly.

We at Locksmith4You also want you to know that they are kinds of keys that often have the label “Do not Duplicate” but in fact, they actually can be duplicated. Thus, this is why you need to know the various kinds of keys that can be duplicated. Also, you should know that the duplication of keys with these labels is not illegal. Here are the kinds of keys that can be duplicated:

These are the easiest to duplicate. House keys can be duplicated in a jiffy and just in case you have the tendency to lose your keys you must keep a spare set and get them duplicated soon for your own safety and ease.

Safe keys are easy to duplicate and we at Locksmiths4You assure you that all kinds of unique safe keys can be duplicated. It may take a little time consuming but you will have an exact copy of the original. The time required to duplicate also depends upon the type of safe key.

Like House keys, these Padlock keys can also be duplicated pretty easily. They are similar to yale keys and can be duplicated without wasting any time.

This kind of key is a standard key that is small in size and can be duplicated pretty quickly as the same can be cut easily by the locksmith. Thus they are the easiest to duplicate.

These would be the absolute opposite of the Yale keys as they take some time to be duplicated but rest assured the same are not impossible to be duplicated by the locksmiths. This key is usually a larger key with a unique distinguishable design.

Here we would like to make it a point to apprise you with the fact that only some keys can be duplicated while the others may not. It depends upon the brand of the key. However, rest assured most modern keys can be created or duplicated simply by cutting a new one.

We at Locksmith4You offer you a wide range of locksmith services that suit all your needs. We have a team of great locksmiths that have all the know-how and experience to help you get a spare set of keys. We can help if you need a reassessment of any kind when it comes to security arrangements. Contact us now!


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