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Where to Have Fun in St Louis, MO

Fun for the whole family in the gateway city

Travelling to a new city is always an exciting endeavor, but sometimes it can be difficult to nail down a solid itinerary. A city like St Louis, which is a mid-size city with lots of suburbs, caters to families of all sizes in offering many escape rooms, bars, sport stadiums, and more. However, there’s much more to the city than its downtown and its nightlife. Many families who visit like to enjoy the nature and the art museums, such as:

  • Forest Park

  • Citygarden

St Louis’s natural areas often get overlooked by tourists who are flocking to sport stadiums and world-renowned eateries. However, the city’s outdoor offerings save money, put you out in the sun, and allow children ample space in which to run around and have fun. While there is great fun to be had at the brick-and-mortar locations in the City, outside has much fun as well. See more here.

Forest Park

Forest Park once hosted the 1904 World’ Fair, and it’s one of the biggest urban parks in the country. It attracts 12 million visitors every single year, and it boasts many world-class attractions, scenic walking trails, biking trails, and more. See here for information about The Best Ways to Spend a Day in St Louis, MO.


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