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Which Safe is Best: Digital or Key Operated Safes?

Are you considering buying a safe for your valued belongings? If so, it is imperative that choose the type of lock that is best suited to your requirements. There are many different kinds of safe locks that are available in the market and each kind has its advantages and disadvantages.

You must be careful while choosing among them to find one that suits you perfectly. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a safe lock type after consulting a professional or an expert with the requisite expertise and technical know-how.

The most common types of safes are digital safes and key-operated safes. However, the debate over which one is better seems to be constant and ever-raging. Listed below are the pros and cons of each of these two types of safes to help you make an informed decision about which type would be suit your needs better.

Digital Safe: Digital safes are usually preferred more by people.


  • Widely considered to be a safer and more secure option.

  • Your tendency to lose your keys need no longer be a cause for concern.

  • Code to unlock can be changed regularly with the least amount of effort, affording you greater security and protection.

  • Wireless internet support system.

  • Manifold user codes.


  • The battery needs to be charged regularly to keep it working.

  • It can be inconvenient for those who tend to forget their passcodes

  • Digital safes can be tampered with or hacked into.

Though we highly recommend that you make sure that the code is changed routinely and use different numbers in the process to avoid tell indications of keypad wear that may tip off a savvy opportunist.

Key Operated Safe: These safes are most preferred to use at home.


  • Key operated safes are tried and tested and have withstood the test of time. Their reliability makes them a long-standing favourite.

  • The lock can be changed as and when required.

  • Key operated safes are very low maintenance and highly convenient.

  • Its ingenuity lies in its simplicity.


  • The keys can be lost or misplaced, if not kept properly and this could result in theft or breach of security.

  • If the key gets bent out of shape, it could fail to unlock the safe.

  • Copies of the key to the safe can be made easily, posing a risk to security.

Key-operated safes are usually better suited to homes while digital safes are usually a better option for more commercial establishments.

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