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Why You Should Get a WiFi Door Lock?

Personal security systems are no longer merely about the protection of your property. They are about bringing in convenience and automation at your fingertips. Today’s advanced technology has eased out a lot of our security-related concerns. So, if you are someone who wishes to have the security control access to the whole of your property, at all times, then you must consider installing a WiFi door lock.

WiFi door locks are known to be more efficient from an energy point of view. This advanced level of security lets you control access to particular parts of your property. With the super stylish, WiFi door lock system, you will be able to control your security system from any corner of the world.

If you have a small business in St. Louis, then Locksmith4you can help you with physical security. Our professional team can personally visit you and offer you consultations about all the necessary upgrades that your security system might need.

But before that let us tell you a bit more about the advantages of having WiFi door lock:

This system will absolve you from all your worries of having some imposter swipe away that key, kept under the doormat. WiFi door locks are one of the most secure systems in the world that minimize all possibilities of compromise. Unlike the other systems, WiFi door locks, go beyond the traditional use of mechanic locks. With password and voice recognition assistance, this system is impossible to break.

The system also offers you full control of programming your locks. For example, you can have a time-based auto-lock or unlock system. These locks make the use of keys, obsolete. Hence, the fear of duplication of the key, is also put off.

The owner holds an exclusive right to view the logs of entries and exits. Only members with unique entry codes will be allowed to enter. Apart from this, at any given point, if you have reasons to be suspicious of any movement, an alert can be sent to the local authorities from any part of the world.

This system also allows you to create temporary entry codes, for example, for the handyman or the babysitter.

WiFi Door Lock has proven to be the most efficient home security in the industry, solely because of the vast number of features that come with it. This system also allows you to set up scenes inside the house via, Google assistant, Alexa, or Apple Home kit. Apart from this you can also control the temperature of your refrigerator, adjust the thermostat, or switch on or off the television.

What’s interesting is the fact that you can also fetch instant pictures of whosoever is standing at your door. Now you don’t have to wonder about your visitors while you were away.

We always stand behind our work with pride. At Locksmith4You, our customer satisfaction is always our top priority. Our professional team will come to your business location and develop a custom security solution that fits your requirements. Connect with us today.


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