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Woodson Terrace, Missouri - A Great Place To Live

Woodson Terrace, Missouri is located within the City of St. Louis, Missouri. This historic city is located in St. Louis county. The population in this town was about 4,062 at the last census. The city is well known for the high-end boutiques and restaurants that are in the area. There are many historic sites within this town and the majority of these historical sites are within walking distance of the town itself. Learn more here.

Woodson Terrace was a plantation community built by the Woodson family during the 1800's. These plantations were originally intended to cater to the needs of the wealthy. However, the neighborhood grew quickly and eventually became a bustling community. Today, this area is full of residential homes as well as shopping centers. This neighborhood is very popular amongst families, with plenty of entertainment opportunities and parks within walking distance. Learn more about Bella Villa, Missouri - Popular Shopping District.

Woodson Terrace, Missouri offers a great deal to its residents. With a variety of shopping centers and other features, this area will always be a great choice for residents looking to live in an upscale setting. This neighborhood also offers plenty of nightlife and entertainment opportunities. With the wonderful weather and beautiful natural scenery that are located within this area, residents will always find plenty to enjoy when living here. If you are looking for a place to call home that offers everything from fine dining to entertainment, there are plenty of great options available.


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